Whatever Your Industry - We've Got You Covered!

You are not limited to one of our packages. Whatever business you’re in, whatever your current phone system, GoTel has an adaptable solution designed to save you money while delivering clear, reliable connections. You can keep your phone number, enjoy ZERO downtime, and be up and running in one day. Whether you have one office or multiple locations we can provide a reliable, easy to manage solution. Our digital systems are fully redundant with both Cloud-based and on-premises solutions. Link multiple offices and locations together on one system, without long distance charges Seemleesly tie in mobile phones or work-from-home contractors.  Anything is possible with GoTel. One custom package, one universal solution.


Every business has unique and specific needs. While we have multiple standard packages available, we specialize in custom solutions and designs. We will work with you to analyze your business and quickly develope and design your perfect digital phone system.

Digital Call Center Phone Systems

Do you have an existing call center that needs a re-boot? Are you looking to build a new center without blowing your budget? Or perhaps your customer service representatives work from multiple locations or their own homes.

Short-Term and Temporary Communication Solutions

Are you running a temporary or “pop-up” space? Are you looking for a phone solution for a film or television production? Temporary and short-term locations still demand reliable communications.

Upgrade Your Digital VoIP Phone System

Digital Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems modernize office telephones. Using Cloud-based services and desktop applications, a VoIP telephone solution is an efficient way for businesses to cut costs and keep everyone in sync.


GoTel offers pre-packaged industry solutions, each with the features and services your specific industry needs. They are ready out-of-the box and up and running within minutes. Or build your perfect system from the ground up and we'll do it at the right price and we'll do it FAST!

These are just some of the industries we serve:

Digital Phone Systems for the Hospitality Industrys

A large Hotel may have different needs than a Bed and Breakfast, but each needs a reliable and economical communication system. GoTel has a solution for each — and everything in between.

Digital Phone Systems for the Modern Law or Accounting Firm

Small firms need modern and economical systems that keep you in touch with your valued clients and grow with your needs. Larger firms need to easily manage client communications along with hundreds of extensions, and employees and associates working from different locations.

Digital Solutions for Medical and Dental Offices

Medical and Dental offices get bombarded with calls from patients, providers and vendors. GoTel has a solution to efficiently handle the incoming traffic and route calls to ensure you are providing the care and service your patients expect.

Digital Phone Systems for Restaurants

From managing reservations to answering basic questions to handling take-out orders – restaurants have unique needs and GoTel offers unique solutions. You may only need two phones, but you never want a customer to get a busy signal.

Digital Phone Solutions for Federal and State Government Offices

GoTel provides secure cloud and served-based solutions to both State and Federal Government agencies. Our systems are FISMA compliant. Whatever your protocol, we can create a custom, digital solution that is fully compliant and transparent.

VoIP For Private Schools, Colleges / Universities

Educational facilities generally need reliable communication across multiple offices, classrooms, buildings, and campuses. GoTel can design a ground-up system or work with your existing infrastructure. But every system we design provides an economical solution that is administratively flexible and manageable.


From two phones to two hundred GoTel's digital phone solutions fit any business size, large to small. They are also scalable to grow with your business. 

Digital VoIP Solution For Small Business

Up to 10 Phones / Extensions

Digital VoIP Solution For Mid Sized Ventures

More than 10 Phones / Extensions - Up to 50

Digital VoIP Solution For Enterprise

More than 50 Phones / Extensions