Digital Phone Solutions for Federal and State Government Offices

GoTel provides secure cloud and served-based solutions to both State and Federal Government agencies. Our systems are FISMA compliant. Whatever your protocol, we can create a custom, digital solution that is fully compliant and transparent.

Representative features.

  • Static-free clear digital communications.
  • Call encryption.
  • FISMA Compliant.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • Secure cloud or location based servers with redundant and power loss protections.
  • Customer automated attendants to easily route and queue incoming calls.
  • Unlimited incoming calls - never a busy signal.
  • Record and securely store phone calls.
  • Full call tracking and administrative reporting.
  • Custom call routing.
  • Multiple offices can be maintained and connected through one central system.
  • Easy to use Conference Call features.
  • Voice-Mail to E-mail.
  • Mobile phones can become virtual extensions with masked Called ID.
  • Create local Direct Dial numbers from any city.
  • Web and App based administrative features.
  • 24/7 technical support.

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