Short-Term and Temporary Communication Solutions

Are you running a temporary or “pop-up” space? Are you looking for a phone solution for a film or television production? Temporary and short-term locations still demand reliable communications. The GoTel team will ensure that your team stays in touch, across regular and mobile phones, as well as WiFi. We can install your end-to-end solution quickly and economically and help you relocate it or return it when your project is wrapped. Contact us today your free quote and analysis.


  • Static-free clear digital connections.
  • Dedicated service team.
  • Systems thta stand alone, or act as a temporary extension from your permanent office.
  • Dedicated telephone numbers.
  • A unified system with direct dial extensions.
  • Convenient call routing to office, mobile or home.
  • Virtual extensions.
  • Group call-in features for eady conference calls.
  • Voice-Mails sent to your E-mail.
  • Web based administration features.
  • 24/7 Technical Support

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