Upgrade Your Digital VoIP Phone System

Digital Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems modernize office telephones. Using Cloud-based services and desktop applications, a VoIP telephone solution is an efficient way for businesses to cut costs and keep everyone in sync. Here are six reasons why a company should upgrade to a Digital VoIP system.


  • Remote Options: Thinking of expanding your recruiting power with the option to telecommute? Whether you have a remote team in place or plan to take advantage of the benefits associated with one, the ability to seamlessly connect remote or mobile employees gives you fexibility. In a VoIP system, it's as if your remote and mobile employees are right in the office. Computers and mobile devices become an extension of your business phone, complete with an extension or private office number reserved solely for business.
  • Scalability: When your business expands, it can be very expensive to upgrade a traditional phone system. VoIP systems are easily and quickly scalable to grow with you without breaking your budget. They are also perfect if you have seasonal surges with temporary workers, and do not need the same number of phones and extensions all year.
  • Plug in Your Mobile Office: With VoIP, entrepreneurs can maintain a mobile line without purchasing a separate mobile phone for their business. Plus, your caller ID can be masked with your business information so that your mobile number remains private. Your business and personal phone lines remain separate on one device!
  • Communications Savings: Phone bills always seem to get out of hand. Especially if you have a business that operates regionally, or even globally. VoIP systems can operate anywhere there is a digital connection, offering businesses incredible savings, and low. flat rates for long distance, local, and remote calls. Plus GoTel has no hidden fees and no surprises when your bill comes.
  • Comprehensive Hardware and Cloud Solutions:  GoTel can provide a system that provides all hardware, software, and installation for one low monthly fee. We can also make your system completely cloud-based, or develop a hybrid system. With a GoTel system in place, administrators can manage the system and users can track calls, voicemails, and faxes regardless of where they are.
  • Customizable for Your Business: VoIP solutions are highly programmable so we customize the solution that fits your unique needs. Whether you run a small studio of 5 employees or a bustling office of 200, you won't find yourself paying for services you don't need. Features like Voicemail to Email and Unified Messaging can be added or removed easily. Our systems are completely flexible and changing features is never a hassle.

    If you're ready to step into the digital age, GoTel is ready to meet your needs with systems designed for tomorrow but ready today. Call us today for a free quote and analysis from our experienced team and let us show you how we can provide a solution to meet any business need.

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