Digital Phone Systems for Restaurants

From managing reservations to answering basic questions to handling take-out orders – restaurants have unique needs and GoTel offers unique solutions. You may only need two phones, but you never want a customer to get a busy signal. Or you may have separate restaurant, bar and take-out/delivery sections that each need to respond and communicate. Contact us today for a free quote and analysis. Our solutions are reliable, economical and fully customizable.

Available features

  • Static-free clear digital connections.
  • Automated answering that routes incoming calls to management on or off premises, and to pre-recorded information messages for hours and location.
  • Automated call queues for live reservation hosts or take-out attendants.
  • Customized music on hold and promotional announcement features.
  • Customized after hours call handling or message features.
  • Automated call queuing with status visable to host.
  • Unlimited incoming call handling.
  • Voice-Mail to E-mail.
  • Return or make office calls from your mobile phone but show only your business Called ID.
  • Web and App based administrative features.
  • 24/7 technical support.

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