Phone System Features

Phone System Features

  • Unlimited Calling
    Unlimited Calling

    Unlimited phone calls will allow you to make and receive as many phone calls as you want. We do NOT charge for long distance or local calling as long as it is in the United States. Your phone bill will be strictly as per the plan per month ALWAYS!

  • Presence Anywhere
    Presence Anywhere

    No matter where you are in the world, you will be one with your office. Take a call from your extension straight to your mobile phone. Make calls from your mobile phone that reflects your business office Caller ID.  Take a phone out of your office and plug it in at a hotel for direct communication with your office. Whether in your car or another country, you are always connected.

  • BIG Savings
    BIG Savings

    BIG savings over Legacy phone service with exceptional 24/7 customer service. Let us show you the money you can save.

  • 24 Hour Service
    24 Hour Service

    Any issues? We are here around the clock. There are several ways to reach us: a call, send an email, a text, through the web portal or by using the online Live Chat option. We are known for our extended commitment to keeping the client happy and this is just one of the ways.

  • Fax

    Boy do we have fax solutions. Paperless. Fax to/from email. Faxing through web portal. Fax using a real fax machine. More and more businesses are going paperless faxing. We can handle all faxing reliably without needing to purchase a fax line. 

Phone System Highlights

IVR/Auto Attendant

Caller ID


Call Queues

Call Waiting

Equipment Warranty

Time Conditions

Call Recording

Follow Me


Global Phonebook

Call Blocking



Mobile Phone App

Call Detail Records

Web Portal

Hold Music

Call Center

HD Quality

Custom Announcements

Multi-Option Voicemail

Cloud Services

On-Premise Services

800 Support

n-Way Calling

Conference Bridge

Call Reports