Digital Solutions for Medical and Dental Offices

Medical and Dental offices get bombarded with calls from patients, providers and vendors. GoTel has a solution to efficiently handle the incoming traffic and route calls to ensure you are providing the care and service your patients expect. Let us design the perfect system for your office or mold your existing one into a more reliable and economical solution. Contact us today your free quote and analysis.


  • Static-free clear digital connections.
  • Automated attendants and robust front desk consoles for live answering.
  • Custom and automated call answering that adapts to your practice hours.
  • Call queue management to route incoming calls to the right desk or department.
  • Secure systems to preserve patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.
  • Cloud or location based servers with redundant and power loss protections.
  • Full call tracking and administrative reporting.
  • Fully scalable to handle incoming and outgoing calls, nurse's stations, Rx stations, offices and exam rooms.
  • Custom after hours emergency and non-emergency call routing, as well as message support.
  • Easy and convenient conference call features.
  • Voice-Mail to E-mail.
  • Return or Make office calls from your mobile phone but show only your office Caller ID.
  • Group and sequential calling through office, mobile or home extensions.
  • Music on hold features.
  • Customized Announcements or seasonal reminders.
  • Web and App based administrative features.
  • 24/7 technical support.

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