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Business Communications for the Digital Age

Since the days of the Pony Express, faster and better communication has always been a goal. No business can survive without it. But even in our “instant” world of texts and emails, nothing will ever replace the power and connection of the human voice. GoTel provides cutting edge digital telephone and communications systems that ensure your business voice is clear and strong — both internally with your team and externally to your customers.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” James Humes, author and former presidential speech writer.

There are people today who would not know how to operate a pay phone, let alone a rotary dial phone. But even with all the technological advancements of the last 50 years, the basic tasks of business phones have not changed much. Your team needs to talk to each other. Your customers need to reach you and your team. People need a secure way to leave and retrieve messages. As the 9-5 tradition has become more flexible, so have the needs of your employees and customers. Today your phones can follow you and your employees wherever they may be, even if working from home or from the road. And customers have come to expect that you and your business will be there, even during “off hours.”

Digital Voice over Internet Phone systems (VoIP) offer extremely flexible, scalable and customizable solutions for the modern business environment. But for all the promise of digitizing business phone connections, there are still a lot of companies that promise you the world but deliver static, glitches and dropped calls.

That’s where GoTel comes in. Our engineers and developers are business people, too. You expect reliable service with clear connections at a reasonable price. So do we. We’ve developed our business to cater to yours and provide “best in class” digital communications and customer service with no surprises when the bill comes.

Whether you need 2 phones or 200. Have one location or a dozen. Your business voice will be clear and strong and with GoTel. Contact us today your free quote and analysis.

GoTel Systems Adapt to Any Type of Business

Real Estate

Whether your selling or developing, the real estate business is hardly ever in one place for very long. Agents and developers need to go from property to property, meeting to meeting, while still being available to clients and vendors. GoTel has a solution that lets your office and customers follow you. Contact us today your free quote and analysis.
Best Option: Hybrid communication solution [WHAT IS HYBRID? NEED TO EXPLAIN]


  • Complete business phone mobility with access to multiple trunks[WHAT ARE MULTIPLE TRUNKS]
  • You can’t sell a property on voice alone – Send images and texts to promote a property.
  • Maintain continuous connections with clients and vendors from your office or across town

Travel, Leisure and Tourism

Leisure and business travelers have become more sophisticated and demanding thanks to the Internet. Your business needs to respond and adapt while providing an excellent travel and leisure experience. According to the Travel and Tourism Economic Impact Report (2017): ”Travel & Tourism investment in 2016 was $160.8 billion.” It is expected to rise to over $234 billion by 2027. For many travelers, a good review starts with good communication with your business and as few hassles as possible. GoTel will ensure your business is accessible and that your business voice is consistent and clear. Contact us today your free quote and analysis.
Best Option: EPABX telephone systems [WHATS AN EPABX – NEED TO EXPLAIN]


  • Adaptive call routing based on previous calls.
  • Enhanced user experiences with group sequential ringing features – never miss a call!
  • Call recording for to improve employee-customer interaction and train new hires.


According to a report published by Deloitte in 2017, the US hospitality industry will grow by 2 to 2.5 percent 2018. Are you ready to grow with it? Your guests expect prompt response and accurate call routing. GoTel’s flexible systems adapt to existing wired rooms and also provide seamless wireless connectivity. . Contact us today your free quote and analysis.
Best Option: Matrix PBX system


  • Uses IP technology to modernize the hotel phone experience.
  • Supports legacy and digital networks – you don’t have to re-wire your property.
  • Built-in Property Management Software (PMS) and Call Accounting Software (CAS) to streamline communications and maximize revenue.


If you have one store or ten, the ability of your employees to efficiently reach each other is just as important as the ability of your customers to get the information they need to increase your sales. Contact us today your free quote and analysis.
Best Option: EPABX Telephone system


  • All locations can work from the same IP network.
  • Uninterrupted communication within one store or stores across the globe.
  • Continuous power supplies and back up options along with multiple processing units. [WHAT ARE MULTIPLE PROCESSING UNITS?]